Jumbooffers.com is a fresh concept from Jumbo It Solutions connecting local Stores/ Merchants with potential customers around the stores.

Jumbooffers.com is a local deal and offer discovery platform for customers and acts as potential sales channel for offline merchants. It connects local merchants & customers across services like Fashion, electronics, furniture, fitness, food, events, travel and tourism, automobiles and accessories etc

How jumbooffers.com works for Customers?

It helps customers to discover deals and offers in their favorite outlets or best offers and discounts for desired products around their shops easily. Customers can search for local offers by browsing the website.

How jumbooffers.com works for Merchants?

It acts as potential sales channel for offline merchants. Shop owners/ merchants can display their products with offer price in jumbooffers platform and reach the targeted audience easily.

The Merchants are given with a user friendly (No data storage required in mobile) web application and they can add the products in store under offer category with snaps.

How Store offers reach customers?

With various digital marketing activities our pages are boosted to reach target audience in the local region. When Merchants add their offers in our Web application, then customers automatically see the merchants offers displayed and contact the Store directly in the given address/ visit the shop.

Is this an online selling store?

NO. Jumbooffers is only a web platform where Store owners/ merchants can display their offer products with snap and price. These pages are boosted by the company and reach us the customers easily so they get to see these product offers when they plan to purchase a product.